Why GPR rental services?

We understand our customer needs that’s why we propose one of the our product rental. Some time client need to do GPR survey. It is not necessary to purchase complete system. We offer short and average term rental of our equipment. We propose many accessories, GPS RTK and induction locator to detect buried utilities.

GPR rental services

Georadar Leica DS2000

GPR Leica DS2000 is perfect tool to survey buried objects on the construction site, during utility detection and excavation. In the radar is used dual solution it means in one box is included two GPR antennas. During scanning two antennas collection data at the same time. One antenna shallow has 700 MHz frequency and second let say deep 250 MHz. Thanks that you are able to cover shallow structures with higher resolution and deeper structures with lower resolution. Georadar is designed in SMART technology. Even non experience personnel can use radar successfully. Applied control software gives possibilities to good interpretation in the field, mark buried objects on-line and generate full reports from survey. Reports can be generated in PDF, DXF and SHP format. Also you are able to import raster map with exist underground utility, DXF, SHP and connect on-line to Google Maps. There is possibility to connect RTK GPS/GNSS.

GPR DS2000

Ground Probing Radar U-Explorer

Georadar U-Explorer manufactured by Swedish Geoscanners AB. Professional and modular solutions for the most demanding clients where is need to use very high frequency antennas or very low and combined survey setup. Scanner has complex parametric possibilities. The biggest advantage of GPR is modular design. You can easily adapt to your needs. High speed control unit can work with over 20 antennas in our offer form 12.5 MHz up to 2 GHz frequency. GSF format file can be open by GPRSoft PRO, GPR Slice and ReflexW. Data can be exported to international standard format SEG and SEGY and can be opened in most software used in industry.


Detection system Leica Ultra Advanced

System Leica Ultra Advanced is advanced tool to buried utility detection. Perfect solution to detect cables, wires, cable damages and void pipes using additional probes. Locator work in two  modes passive and active (using signal generator or probes). There is possibilities to remote induction signal in electricity network or you can directly connect to metal pipes, wires and other conductive material.

Leica Utility Locator

Rent GPS/GNSS with GPR

We offer GPR rental services including GPS. GPS works in SMART mode. It means that GPS is familiar in use and has easy interface. Thanks RTK correction form reference network you can reach  high positioning accuracy up to 6 mm in the case of good satellite signals.