GPR services

GPR services and electromagnetic methods has a comprehensive applications in the industry. We provide innovative and high resolution 3D mapping by ground probing radar. We use high quality scanners Geoscanners AB and Leica Geosystems with wide range of different GPR antennas. Using different antennas frequency to non-destructive survey we are able to detect shallow and deep structures with different resolutions. Using advanced imaging and interpretation tools we provide high quality elaboration and survey results which meets expectation for the most demanding clients.

Every inquiry we take into deep analysis and we propose solution and methodology of survey, resolution, density and type of report, final data visualization and other important details for customer. In the case of needs we recommend other geophysical methods which fill deficiency.

The key to success in our operation is strongly understanding theoretical basics and how exactly Ground Penetrating Radar works to obtain the best results. Main issue is advantages and disadvantages of geophysical methods which we strong understand.

GPR void and pipe detection


Pipes and cable detection by GPR

GPR services include detect every pipes, voids and underground structure connected to supply network. We detect nonmetalic pipes like PE, PCW, PCV, concrete and other materials. We are able to detect water pipes, gas pipes, sewage system, fiber optics, communication cables, electric and other network like drainage, power cables. We use to detection operation GPR technique and induction localization in passive and active mode.

GPR utility detection

Civil engineering

During planning and designing step we support engineering companies to detect underground objects, foundations, voids, pipes ect. We support construction companies everywhere is necessary to use GPR services and  non destructive techniques to recognize underground structures on the construction site.

GPR on construction site

Civil engineering

We use GPR and geophysical methods for wide range of civil engineering application. We do roads assessments, bridge and railway inspection. We scan runway on the airports to detect underground utility, damage inspections and  estimate of construction conditions.


Successful we use GPR to imaging underground archaeological structures. Especially we specialize in 3D imaging which is most powerful in GPR technique to survey old foundations, graves.  We investigate sacral objects, churches, cemeteries and other.

archaeology mapping

Concrete rebars imaging

GPR is one of the most powerful method to rebars detection. Using GPR we are able to do rebars visualization in surveyed space. 3D imaging shows us exactly network of rebars in cooncrete structures in x,y,z. GPR shows us wet areas, corrosion and damages in rebars network.

Geology prospection and geotechnical support

We provide georadar services to geology investigation. Using GPR we are able to do structural analyses, support drilling operation and geotechnical investigation.  During designing and planning we recognize buried objects on the investment areas.

Horizontal drilling

Before horizontal drilling is very important to get knowledge about geology and buried objects, stones and other on the line of drilling. Using Ground Penetrating Radar safety of operation is growing up. A the beginning of horizontal drilling  you can be more aware about obstacles and risk connected to the drilling operation. Thanks obtained geological and structural information you can change deep of drilling or redesign.

Environment protection

We localize by geoscanner all buried objects connected to environment protections, objects which potentially have impact on environment. Thanks our solution you can easily estimate spatial range of pollution and  objects which emitting pollution.

Ground Penetrating Radar in environmental protection

GPR services for ecologists and biologists

Ground penetrating radar is more often use to biology and ecology mapping. Radar technology is very fast develop industry and year by year method find new applications. We are able to imaging roots, corridors of small animals and many other where is necessary to NDT imaging.

Forensic investigation and support Police operation

We are easily and effective use Ground Probe Radar to detect objects in criminology. We provide services to detect hiding boxes, bodies, graves and other where radar is necessary to use.

forensic GPR services

High quality and affordable prices

All our operations are premium services. For all clients we can propose convenient prices depend of complexity and difficult level of operation.

Why we?

Price of our service and GPR price is attractive and competitive.  Taking into account our experience obtained for years and high quality services prices offered by Geoscanners Polska are familiar.

We care about customer satisfaction thats why we provide wide range of our services, GPR systems and tools for imaging and interpretation GPR data. Remember that to use GPR it is not necessary to buy equipment. We provide rental services where you can rent equipment. We feel free to contact us.

complex GPR services
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