GPR runway investigation – airports

GPR runway investigation and lane inspections are very important part of airport infrastructure maintenance and condition control. We provide wide range of GPR runway investigation and other purposes using GPR such us utility detection, voids and buried objects mapping.

Next is presented example of investigation one of the NATO military airport in Poland. On the client request we did many tens of kilometers scans to confirm real subsurface structures and source of cracking on the surface. Presented time slice shows different of thickness in the sub-construction of runway.

Results of GPR runway investigation

Thanks to spatial analyses we can identify all anomalies in the range of surveyed structure. Next example of runway scanning shows dilatation slots on the surface layer and subsurface concrete layer. Scans shows as well as shrinkage slots and unwanted cracks.

Cross section, cracking, dilatation

Depends on client requirements we elaborate data in many different types of final data. Below presented map of subsurface cracks in CAD environment. Data in ASCII format client can import to spatial 3D analyses.

CAD GPR investigation report
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