GPR road inspection

We survey roads asphalt as well as concrete structures. We investigate construction structures and subconstruction. All services, design, methodology are agreed with customer. We fulfill their expectation and desire final result. We investigate layer depth in the road construction, sub construction condition, we calculate volume of underground structures to the maintenance. We detect objects buried under the roads and communication structures. We provide quality control NDT services by ground probing radar after the construction. We compare obtained results with designed documentation and estimate deviations done during construction. We use modern solutions to prepare vector and numeric reports.

Below example of report prepared as a National Road investigation. For elaboration where used two cores data drilled for correlation with GPR data. 2 layers model taken. Experienced interpreter should spot third layer didn’t taken into consideration.

We investigate many types of damages of road structures. We try to answer and explain what exactly happen under the road. Below we present result of scanning for one of our clients. The purpose of works where estimate causes of road damage on the surface. We carry put series of parallel 2D scans to estimate damage causing. GPR road inspection turned out high effective.

GPR in road survey is great method because of non-destructive character of obtaining information from underground structures. Of course non-destructive techniques need some destructive support. In that case is necessary to drill and obtain core data to calibrate layer depths.

GPR road inspection
NDT road investigation
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