Forensic investigation and survey by Ground Penetrating Radar

are very common services provided for Police Department and other government agency as a forensic investigation. Thanks to GPR we are able to find graves, hidden boxes, buried objects and other. We detect objects which were hidden by criminal. We scan concrete structures, floors, walls and other where is needed to get information. Actively we support police operation. Next example of mapping massive grave structures.

Example shows that underground structures can be discovered successfully by Ground Probing Georadar. We have to be aware that some times we cannot see on the radargram bodies and reflection from bones but we should focus on excavation structures and changes in geology especially in natural horizontal layers. Remember that with deep we lost resolution in GPR method and very small structures in the bigger depth can be impossible to detect. For particular project we design resolution, methodology and scope of survey to take maximum information from the ground.

massive grave mapping
forensic investigation
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